How to apply for US Visa for a Non-Immigrant

Here you will know how to apply for a non-immigrant for almost all the non-immigrant VISA for the US you need go through four Steps -:

Step 1

Fill out DS-160 From –

After filling out the DS-160 From you are supposed to pay the fees to get an appointment for a US VISA to interview the fess is roughly around 160 Usd / 12000 INR if you are applying for more than one person you need to pay 160 Usd each applicant and you have an option to go for the interview together but the fees need to be separate and the DS-160 also need to be separately filled out for each applicant.

Useful links for US Visa Application Process –

DS – 160 –

Step 2

Take an Appointment

We are going to put the link to the website for the US VISA appointment you have to go to that website and taken an appointment for yourself. 

Now over here need two appointments one would be for OFC where in your go for biometrics and the other one would be for the US Embassy wherein you have to go for your interview.

US Visa Appointment –

Step 3

Here when you visit your biometric they are going to take your fingerprint as well as the photo will be click for your visa processing

Documents to carry for Biometrics Appointment 

  1. VISA application fees Receipts 
  2. DS-160 Confirmation page 
  3. Appointment confirmation page 
  4. passport

Make sure you carry all of these

Step 4

In this one, you have to make sure that you arrive at the embassy at least half-hour before your interview time

Right now because of the pandemic all the US Embassies are closed if you want to travel to United State in upcoming  months and you are going to start this process of the application we would advise you to keep checking there website find out when they are going to start taking VISA, Here we are providing their website link there you can check the all updates about US VISA.

Info about US Visa Process –

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